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Superior SPS | Emulsion |  Liquid

Screen Coating HolderScreen Coating Holder Ref: NGTC
A unique device that mounts on the printers table, and allows them to coat screens consistantly and at the same angle, every time. The screen angle is pre-determined, so the screen printer just places the screen to be coated into the slot, lets it relax against the rolled surface of the coating holder and places their hand on the top of the screen and coats.

Eliminates any movement of the screen on the table. You just coat one side, flip the screen and coat the other side. For larger screens, the screen coating holder does the same thing except on the floor. You simply place the holderon the floor against the wall and the holder creates the angle for effortless coating. This product is not available for roller frames.


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Superior SPS | Emulsion |  Liquid

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